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Hey, um... typing this on my bathtub, but anyways, good humor. haha
Let me type out a wall of text, have it posted, unpost it, and say someone else did it.
Don't mind that, trust me, who fails at "Mathmatics", throws away "normal" pills to ignore my own ADHD and let it fester and worsen.
Liking the animated bits, wouldn't rely on stock images too much, not like I rely on a certain file that I somehow have forgotten and blamed a whole group of moderators for almost a year.
Good stuff!

The animation fits the humour very well with how the jokes were told, charmingly bombastic and absurd.
The lack of inbetweens makes it funnier in some ways, due to the reactions of Hartrup & Oatly working as comedic foils, as the sound effects and music help roll in the punchlines.
I have to admit, just by looking at the cardboard cutout for more than a second, I too, would've attempted to get rid of it. That face alone says," I know something you don't know." or some other thing that bothers someone's nerves.

Too accurate, and even I didn't play much of the actual game expect for the beta.
Okay animation & joke delivery, but sometimes there are unclean lines, like when Reaper teared up for a couple of seconds before defeat.
P.s. - I think this should be rated Teen, because of Bastion giving the middle finger.

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Short and to-the-point. The poop noise at the end sums it all.
Also, is the dog a pug mix? I got one and she's a pugalier.

Booanimation responds:

Thanks it sure is! It's based on my experiences with my own dog she's a king charles pug mix.

Reminds me of "Attack of The Sunfish", and really captures well with this overall surreal experience! Also, ending is a lot like one of those Jaws movies that are trying to be more than what they could chew, instead of a great white shark, how about a giant croc-topus or something else that would be just as ridiculous.

Alright art, simple and quick throughout for what it is. But, I think a game, simple as this, should at least be around 5-10 minutes or more. What makes these kind of games work is the overall atmosphere, characters, and situations based on decisions, this would need more of that.
Basically, what I'm saying is: It's too short, and art style is decent.
Needs more "pizzaz" for a wacky & goofy game where your character dies most of the time.
Good and simple fun, overall.

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Guess what, Rootbeer Guy ignored her offer and instead watches a tape to solve a suspected murder in that episode. Priorities.
Also reminded me of Doug Walker's Adventure Time Vlog of the same episode and remembering their discussion about the french maid scene being hilarious.

Watched this in English class, I think! Original style reminded me of Ed, Edd n Eddy, and Home Movies.
This style, however, with it's simplicity also made me think of Peep and the Big Wide World, yet another Canadian cartoon.

"Stay outta my shed!" comes into mind, somehow.

Welcome! Very imaginative since I pretend a crumpled piece of paper is a monster of some sorts.

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